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- The Truth

Statement Released by President Donald J. Trump -In its un-altered entirety. Let the truth ring.


Our nation is SUFFERING. Our economy is in the gutter. Inflation is rampant. Gas prices have reached an all-time high. Ships are unable to unload cargo. Families cannot get needed baby formula. We are an embarrassment around the world. Our withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster that cost us precious American blood, and gave $85 billion worth of the best military equipment on earth to our enemy.

Millions and millions of illegals are marching to the border and invading our country. We have a White House in shambles, with Democrats, just this week, declaring that Biden is unfit to run for reelection. And what is the Democrat Congress focused on? A Kangaroo Court, hoping to distract the American people from the great pain they are experiencing.

Seventeen months after the events of January 6th, Democrats are unable to offer solutions. They are desperate to change the narrative of a failing nation, without even making mention of the havoc and death caused by the Radical Left just months earlier. Make no mistake, they control the government. They own this disaster. They are hoping that these hearings will somehow alter their failing prospects.

A certain Democrat once said, “It's the economy, stupid.” Well, Democrats now seem to think that Americans are “stupid.” They are not. America is crumbling, and Democrats have no solutions. Our nation has no hope of change for the better under Democrat leadership. People are desperate. Rather than solving problems, Democrats are rehashing history in hopes of changing the narrative. During my time in office, our nation was thriving, our economy was strong, and the price of gas was very low. Above all else, we were respected, perhaps like never before. America prospered under the Trump Administration.

The Sham Investigation

The January 6th Unselect Committee is disgracing everything we hold sacred about our Constitution. If they had any real evidence, they’d hold real hearings with equal representation. They don’t, so they use the illegally-constituted committee to put on a smoke and mirrors show for the American people, in a pitiful last-ditch effort to deceive the American public…again.

Our Constitution protects the right to confront accusers, honors the right to fair trials, and holds the right to legal representation as paramount in our justice system. Equal representation and the opportunity to offer rebuttal evidence is fundamental in our legal process. The Committee has obliterated those rights and is making a mockery of justice. They have refused to allow their political opponents to participate in this process, and have excluded all exculpatory witnesses, and anyone who so easily points out the flaws in their story.

MAGA witnesses were interrogated behind closed doors and ordered to not record their own testimony. Members of my staff, my friends, supporters, volunteers, donors, were subjected to hours upon hours of inquisition – oftentimes having nothing to do with January 6th. Their very lives were turned upside down for obvious reasons. They were told it was an ongoing


investigation and any reproduction of the interrogation would be viewed as an attempt to interfere in the investigation. They were gagged, threatened, and in some cases ruined.

Yet, the Unselect Pseudo-Committee has coordinated with their media puppets to broadcast their witnesses on national television without any opposition, cross-examination, or rebuttal evidence. The American public has a right to know the truth and see every witness, but these corrupt officials are trying to force-feed the public with their politically opportune sideshow.

What are the members of this treasonous “Committee” afraid of? Why can’t they let the countervailing opinion be heard? Why are they hiding evidence from the public and only showing information that favors the Democrats’ tall tale? They’re afraid of losing the narrative, because their political opponents could easily show how the committee is lying to the nation and has stripped Americans of their rightful power.

Democrats created the narrative of January 6th to detract from the much larger and more important truth that the 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen. Politicians from both parties, but mostly the Democrats, worked in conjunction with corporate elitists to strip Americans of our right to elect our own leaders. To do so, corrupt officials violated their own state laws.

The separation of powers is designed to make sure that no officials become dictators by granting the authority to make laws with the legislature and execute laws with the executive branch. No one office should have complete power. It must be separated among different offices. In 2020, separation of powers went out the window. The state executive branch, in both red and blue states, decided to completely ignore state laws, make up their own rules, and execute them. In other words, they became the little dictators our Constitution was designed to prevent.

They illegally inflated voter rolls, illegally allowed harvested and stuffed ballots, abused the use of mail-in ballots, physically removed Republicans from counting facilities, abused the elderly in nursing homes, bribed election officials with donations, stopped counting on Election Night, gave Democrats three extra days to harvest ballots, and demanded that the American people believe it was legitimate.

This entire charade of the Unselect Committee is a brazen attempt to detract the public’s attention from the truth. The truth is that Americans showed up in Washington, D.C. in massive numbers (but seldom revealed by the press), on January 6th, 2021, to hold their elected officials accountable for the obvious signs of criminal activity throughout the Election. Those who are supposed to be public servants are using the power of government against the people who entrusted them with the power. We’ve been betrayed.

Since the Unselect Committee refuses to allow their political opponents to participate in the hearings, the public likely won’t hear from the many patriots who contradict the lies being broadcast – at least not in these hearings. This is all a ridiculous and treasonous attempt to cover up the fact that Democrats rigged the Election and are siphoning Americans’ freedoms and power for their own benefit.


Without the ability to have political, legal, or witness representation from conservatives in this Kangaroo Court, it’s up to American patriots to arm themselves with the information. This hearing isn’t about January 6th, it’s about November 3rd, and here’s what happened.

Stop the Count

On Election Night, America watched as my lead grew and grew over Joe Biden, as I was set to claim another victory. By the morning of November 4th, the day after the Election, I led by 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania,1 300,000 in Michigan,2 and hundreds of thousands in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin.3 Then, the same “little dictators” who destroyed the separation of powers made the treasonous decision to stop counting.4 These same states, who had counted millions of ballots in a single day, had to stop counting in order to count a few hundred thousand ballots over the next four days to call the race on November 7th . 5

Why would it take four more days to count a few hundred thousand votes when they had counted millions in one day? They needed time to traffic the ballots and manipulate the outcome of the Election. The Swamp was so determined to keep their stranglehold on power that they delayed the results of the Election so that they could find, manufacture, or produce more ballots, after they knew how many they needed to beat me. They cheated! There’s no reasonable explanation for why it took so much longer to count the few remaining ballots as opposed to the millions on Election Day – other than they needed to traffic more ballots, and it took four days to produce the ballots and do it. They couldn’t have done it without an elaborate ballot trafficking scheme.

Ballot Trafficking

Highly respected True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips showed the nation exactly what the Democrats’ illegal ballot trafficking scheme looks like. They spent years investigating election crimes, and their hard work provided America with the indisputable proof so many had been waiting for. True the Vote cooperated with Dinesh D’Souza to produce the blockbuster documentary 2000 Mules, which provides video evidence of the ballot trafficking scheme Democrats have created.

Engelbrecht and Phillips used geo-fencing data that they purchased to isolate and identify potential mules. Like drug mules, in this context, mules are those paid to illegally traffic ballots from nonprofits organizations and drop them into the ballot drop boxes. The search criteria they used was to isolate cell phone data that had been to 10 or more ballot drop boxes, while also visiting at least five identified nonprofit organizations during a two-week period.6 2 Navarro, Peter. (2021) The Immaculate Deception. Pg 4. 3 Id. 4 CNN, Fox Business, and NBC News announcements, collected in 2000 Mules at 00:02:42 5 6 2000 Mules at approximately 00:25:10


There’s no legitimate reason for any individual to visit 10 or more ballot drop boxes. Why would anyone need to vote 10 times? Couple that with the idea that the same individuals are also visiting the offices of liberal nonprofits in the same time period.

At least one whistleblower at one of the nonprofits in Yuma came forward and confirmed that these organizations act as trafficking hubs for the mules to pick up the ballots to drop off at the drop boxes.7 One woman in Arizona has already plead guilty to a Class 6 felony for participating in this ballot trafficking scheme.8 And Democrats are getting tax write-offs for this behavior!

True the Vote and local law enforcement have the video surveillance showing the mules dropping many ballots into the drop box, which confirms the geo-fencing data that Engelbrecht and Phillips had gathered. This is the same surveillance evidence that the FBI has used to identify January 6th protestors.9 In fact, the FBI has used this same type of evidence in 45 of the criminal cases against January 6th protestors.10

Yet, the dishonest media puts experts front and center to tell America that True the Votes’ evidence is unreliable.11 It’s the exact same evidence the FBI used against January 6th protestors! How can the evidence be an indispensable tool to identify January 6th protestors, but when applied to ballot traffickers, the science is unreliable and not precise? The hypocrisy is stifling! The Swamp has blown the bottom out of how low they’ll go to deceive the American public in order to keep their vice-grip on power. Thankfully, Americans are taking responsibility for what they believe, and simply no longer believe the narrative.

The truth is, according to Joe Biden, that the Swamp has created the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”12 and it centers around ballot trafficking.

The Math

The illegal ballot harvesting operation is an insult to the democratic process, but the kicker is the media feeding us the bogus line that this was the most secure election in U.S. history. What a load of bologna! The data shows us how compromised the system was. The math shows us that it changed the outcome of the Election.

7 2000 Mules at approximately 01:03:20 8 9 10 11 12 Joe Biden -


Looking at just the known traffickers Engelbrecht and Phillips identified, the 2000 mules, we know they averaged 38 drop box visits averaging five ballots per box.13 That totals 380,000 illegal ballots inserted into the Election via the drop boxes. We also know they targeted specific counties in order to impact the outcome of the Election. Many of those counties were separated by only a few thousand votes.

Based on the data, Georgia had 250 mules average 24 drop boxes with five ballots each, totaling 30,000 illegal ballots.14 The margin of victory in Georgia was only 11,779, meaning that ballot trafficking alone would have changed the outcome of the state. There was a lot of other suspicious activity in Georgia, but the trafficking, by itself, was sufficient to change the outcome. Georgia’s 16 electors should not have gone to Biden.

A similar story occurred in Arizona. Two hundred identified mules averaged 20 drop boxes and five ballots each.15 That’s a minimum of 20,000 illegal ballots. The margin of victory in Arizona alone was 10,457, meaning that ballot trafficking alone was enough to flip the state. Arizona’s 11 electoral votes should not have gone to Biden.

True the Vote identified 1,100 mules in Philadelphia alone, each averaging 50 drop boxes and five ballots per box. That’s 275,000 illegal votes. The margin of victory in Pennsylvania was only 80,555, meaning the ballot trafficking scheme in Philadelphia alone was enough to flip the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth’s 20 electoral votes should not have gone to Biden.

Those three states show that the illegal ballot trafficking scheme alone sufficed to change the outcome of the Election. But what about the other states?

Michigan had 500 mules identified, averaging 50 drop box visits, and five ballots per visit for a total ballot harvest of 125,000 ballots.16 Biden’s margin of victory in Michigan was 154,188. That means the ballot harvesting scheme, at a minimum, narrowed the results so that operatives at the polls only needed to manufacture a little over 29,000 votes statewide. We all saw as citizens in Detroit protested outside the TCF center,17 because Republicans were excluded from the process in one of the most corrupt areas in the country.18 What were they doing inside? Did they discard Republican ballots? Did they print new Biden ballots? No one has been allowed to investigate in Michigan.

Engelbrecht and Phillips identified 100 mules in Wisconsin that averaged 28 drop boxes and five ballots per box.19 That’s 14,000 illegal votes. The margin of victory was 20,682. That leaves only 6,000 votes for Democrat operatives to make up by either adding Biden votes or

13 2000 Mules at approximately 00:48:06 14 2000 Mules at approximately 00:49:29 15 2000 Mules at approximately 00:49:53 16 2000 Mules at approximately 00:48:44 17 18 19 2000 Mules at approximately 00:49:07


discarding Trump votes. We know that Democrats abused the elderly in nursing homes that easily could have generated more than 6,000 illegal votes,20 likely more. They had to cheat in multiple ways to steal Wisconsin, but the evidence of foul play surpasses the margin of victory in Wisconsin by thousands of votes.

With just Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, and there were others, the Electoral College vote would have been Trump 279 to Biden 259. But they cheated. And now look where we are as a country!

But What If There Were More

What if True the Vote’s criteria to identify the mules was too conservative? Rather than using the requirement to identify someone who went to 10 drop boxes with five or more visits to the liberal nonprofits, what if they looked for people who went to five drop boxes? It’s highly unlikely that anyone would need to go to five drop boxes while also visiting nonprofits in the same time span. The data is astonishing! Rather than 2000 mules, the number jumps to 54,000 mules!21 And how about if they widened the search even more? The numbers become astronomical, and the results would be a landslide victory for Trump. It is all on live tape produced by the government.

Continuing the conservative estimate of just three ballots per mule with 54,000 mules, the numbers spike tremendously. In Wisconsin, 83,565 illegal votes were trafficked, more than four times the margin of victory.22 In Georgia, 92,670 illegal votes were trafficked, more than eight times the margin of victory.23 In Pennsylvania, 209,505 votes were trafficked, more than double the margin of victory.24 In Michigan, 226,590 votes were trafficked, tens of thousands of votes over the margin of victory.25 In Arizona, 207,435 votes were trafficked, almost 20 times the margin of victory.26 Using this slightly less conservative calculation, coupled with the geotracking data, the same used by law enforcement, I decisively won all of the contested states. The final electoral count should have been Trump 305 to Biden 233.27

It’s also highly likely that True the Vote did not uncover 100% of the mules, making the numbers much larger than a landslide in scope, and that there were many more mules out there affecting more of the Election than we realize. This was not a close Election.

20 ; 21 2000 Mules at approximately 00:50:49 22 2000 Mules at approximately 00:51:15 23 2000 Mules at approximately 00:51:17 24 2000 Mules at approximately 00:51:20 25 2000 Mules at approximately 00:51:24 26 2000 Mules at approximately 00:51:26 27 2000 Mules at approximately 00:51:30


Defying the Odds

There were 19 counties in the U.S. that voted for the winning Presidential candidate since 1980, they’re known as bellwether counties.28 I won 18 of the 19 bellwether counties.29 Eighteen of the 19 counties who consistently vote for the winning candidate voted for me, yet we’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden won the Election?

Joe Biden, a candidate who never left his basement and can’t speak without a teleprompter, outperformed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their two high-charged elections.30 Biden even outperformed Obama in black communities, but only in important swing states. Isn’t that amazing? It’s impossible.

Basement Biden earned more votes than Obama in Fulton County, Ga. (Atlanta) by 131,733 (53%), and Wayne County, Mich. (Detroit) by 1,917 (0.3%),31which are the two largest black populations in the United States.32 Biden also earned more votes than Obama’s 2012 campaign in Cobb County, Ga. by 89,321 (52%),33 and Oakland County, Mich. by 85,093 (24.4%)34. Either there’s a lot of black voters in America who identify more with Joe Biden than Barack Obama, or Democrats are stealing black votes – and we all know the answer to that.

Apparently, Joe Biden is twice as popular in Arizona as Barack Obama, even among black and Hispanic voters. Sleepy Joe earned a total of 1,040,774 votes in Maricopa County, Ariz. (Phoenix). That’s 508,490 more votes than Obama earned in 2012 (532,284), nearly doubling Obama’s 2012 performance in the key swing state. Biden’s unbelievable success of outperforming Obama continues in Las Vegas35, Nev., Madison, Wisc.36, Green Bay, Wisc., 37 and a number of other cities across the country. It didn’t happen.

In Pennsylvania’s six largest counties, Biden supposedly outperformed Obama’s 2012 record setting numbers in Philadelphia by 46,766 (8.3%), in Allegheny County (Pittsburg) by 80,914 (23.2%), in Montgomery County 91,950 (40.4%), in Bucks County 45,114 (28.2%), in

28 29 30 31; election/results/michigan/ 32; election/results/president/georgia/ ; 33; election/results/president/georgia/ 34; election/results/michigan/ 35 ; 36 %20President%20of%20the%20United%20States%20post%20recount.pdf; election/results/president/wisconsin/ 37 %20President%20of%20the%20United%20States%20post%20recount.pdf


Delaware County 41,618 (25.2%), and in Lancaster County 28,739 (32.99%). The trend continues to many of Pennsylvania’s smaller counties.38 Across the Commonwealth, Biden earned 550,781 more votes than Barack Obama in 2012.39


Mark Zuckerberg contributed $419 million dollars to election initiatives around the country.40 Supposedly, the money was used to make elections safer as a result of the China Virus (COVID-19). However, the money was not primarily used for China Virus protection, although some did go for that purpose. For example, in Wisconsin, the money was conditioned upon the five largest counties adopting a Democrat only initiative of the Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan (WSVP).41 The five key counties, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Madison, Racine, and Green Bay, became known as the “Zuckerberg 5.”42

Zuckerberg funneled his money through the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), a liberal nonprofit based in Illinois, which received the lion’s share of the money, at least $350 million.43 CTCL is a radical leftist organization filled with Obama Foundation fellows and Obama appointees.44 Almost all of the money went to Democrat-run and controlled areas. Very little, for cosmetic purposes only, went to Republican areas. They threw us a bone.

According to the Special Counsel report in Wisconsin:45

“[A]nother election purpose existed as evidenced by the documents obtained by the Special Counsel. That other election purpose was to fuse together the CTCL, their allied private corporations, the Zuckerberg 5, and $8.8 million of private funding into joint operations in that group of cities, where the focus would be on facilitating increased in-person and absentee voting, particularly in their “communities of color.” See, e.g., App. 7- 27 (WSVP). From the beginning, the purpose of the WSVP contract and its private funding was for the Zuckerberg 5 to use CTCL’s private money to facilitate greater in-person voting and greater absentee voting, particularly in targeted neighborhoods.”

Based on the Special Counsel’s report, liberal nonprofits funded by Zuckerberg – who was also trying to control the election narrative on his social media platforms – lied to the public

38 ; election/results/pennsylvania/ 39 ; election/results/president/pennsylvania/ 40 41 (pg 22) 42 (pg 23) 43 44 45 (pg 23)


about the real use of their money. Why would they need to lie if they weren’t doing anything wrong? Because they were doing something wrong and they knew it. They knew the money was conditioned upon their ability to control the election process. The Special Counsel further states in his findings:46

“Any Agreement Where a City’s Election Officials Receive CTCL or Other’s Private Money to Facilitate In-Person and Absentee Voting Within a City Facially Violates Wis. Stat. § 12.11’s Prohibition on Election Bribery Under Wis. Stat. § 12.11.

The CTCL agreement facially violates the election bribery prohibition of Wis. Stat. § 12.11 because the participating cities and public officials received private money to facilitate in-person or absentee voting within such a city. Any similar agreements in the 2022 and 2024 election cycle would also be prohibited election bribery.”

According to Wisconsin’s Special Counsel, the money was intended to impact inperson and absentee voting, which would have a direct impact on the outcome of the Election.47 Also, according to Wisconsin’s Special Counsel – that’s bribery.

Zuckerberg should be criminally prosecuted. Election laws prevent individuals from donating more than $5,000 per year,48 yet Zuckerberg gave $419 million.

And it’s not just Wisconsin. CTCL provided funds, according to their form 990 they filed with the IRS, to 47 of the 50 states, plus Washington, D.C.49 For example, before the 2020 Election, the group gave $45 million to Georgia, $38.6 million to Texas, $25 million to Pennsylvania, $25 million to New York, $7.5 million to Ohio, $21 million to New Jersey, $16.8 million to Michigan, $21 million to California, and $5 million to Arizona, among others.50 Did all the grants to the states have strings attached? Or was it just Wisconsin?

How unfair and illegal is this? How do you win an election against this? But we did, getting almost 75 million votes, the most in history for a sitting President.

Pandemic of Injustice

Beginning the night of November 3rd, Americans knew there was something wrong going on. Almost immediately, citizens around the country started filing lawsuits seeking information and clarification about the Election.

46 (pg. 17) 47 Id. 48 49,_2020 50,_2020


The year leading up to the Election had been a year of violent liberal assaults on cities around the country. Democrats made it known that they would rather burn cities to the ground than allow for a civilized political process. They knew their policies were failing, citizens weren’t buying their hype, and they were losing their influence. So, they spent the year creating an atmosphere of fear, and that’s the environment in which concerned citizens were forced to file their lawsuits.

Judges, including Justices of the United States Supreme Court, were scared. Some were political hacks who refused to be the sole arbiter of such a strong political issue. It was liberal fearmongering. Rumors circulated that the Justices devolved to shouting and argued intensely over how to handle the Texas v. Pennsylvania case.51 Ultimately, the Justices yielded to the same fear mongering tactics Democrats had deployed for years. They punted and threw the case out on standing. Following their lead, every lower court threw the cases out on standing, and usually without barely even looking at them.

Some of the cases had well established grounds for standing, and one had even been in open litigation for 10 months before the court reversed itself and threw it out. Specifically, that happened in Georgia, where a court had ruled that the plaintiffs were entitled to review the original ballot images after granting them access to the files. Then, defendants stalled for months. Ten months after the initial filing, the court decided the plaintiffs no longer had standing.52 What?!

On November 4th, 2020, Antrim County, Michigan announced that 16,047 votes had been cast and Joe Biden received 7,769 and I received 4,509.53 In 2016, I had received 62% of the vote in Antrim, making the 2020 results particularly surprising. Mr. Bailey, an Antrim County voter, made some phone calls and the Antrim County clerk double checked the results, and issued new results.

A closer look showed 18,059 votes cast in Antrim County.54 Joe Biden received 7,289 votes, and I received 9,783, meaning I won 54% of the vote, which still seemed odd compared with the 2016 results. This also doesn’t account for the difference in the number of votes cast. Why were they short, and where did the new votes come from?

Antrim County checked a third time and found 16,044 votes cast and that Joe Biden received 5,960, while I received 9,748, winning 60.75%.55 Jocelyn Benson, the Michigan Secretary of State asserted the error was simply a clerical error, because the clerk failed to update the Mancelona Township tabulator prior to Election Night for a down ballot race, and that the correct count was always on the tabulator tape. She insisted that the Antrim County Clerk simply

51 52 53 54 55


made a mistake, and this was not a cause to look closer at every county in Michigan. Benson shut the discussion down, but Bailey continued to fight in court.56

Matt DePerno, Bailey’s lawyer, aggressively pursued discovery in the case and successfully won a motion to audit the election machines in Antrim County. On April 9th, 2021, DePerno released an exhibit in the Bailey case, with additional findings from the experts examining the evidence, which found that, despite critics saying otherwise, the voting machines were connected to the internet, and the officials knew they were connected.57 The exhibit produced email communications from Election Night discussing the terrible internet connection.58 This also highlights the weird disinformation campaign waged immediately following the Election to dispel the belief that machines were connected to the internet, despite the fact that it was true.59

Voting machines send the tallies, via the internet, to allow the totals to be counted faster. Connecting them to the internet does create some vulnerabilities, but does not mean any malicious activity actually took place. So why all the drama? Why all the hype from election officials across the country trying to convince the public the machines were not connected to the internet when they knew that they were? Why not just say that the machines were connected to the internet, but no security breaches occurred…if that was in fact true? Was it true?

DePerno continued to release exhibit after exhibit detailing technical specifics of anomalies and irregularities raising questions from the 2020 Election.60 The corrupt media continued to ignore and bury the story, and hurled insults at DePerno and his case. The court eventually dismissed the case, but not based on any of the evidence DePerno had amassed. It dismissed the case on procedural grounds: the plaintiff was asking for an audit of the Election, and the Democrat Secretary of State told the court she had already conducted an audit. Therefore, the court ruled, the case was moot.61 No evidence presented, no witnesses to testify. Just, case dismissed. As usual, saved by the court.

Cases around the country received the same treatment. Courts didn’t want to be the sole arbiter of such a massive political issue, but they also shouldn’t be afraid to do their job. State legislators, members of Congress, senators, governors, secretaries of state, and many other state and federal officials should do their jobs and protect their citizens’ right to vote. But, the Swamp runs deep. I guess that turning around an election was a step too far.

56 57[9]_ex_7_antrim_michigan_forensics_report_[121320] _v2_[redacted].pdf ;[12]_ex_10_penrose_1.pdf 58[12]_ex_10_penrose_1.pdf 59; 60 61


As we near the midterm elections, we’re watching the Swamp creatures circle the drain as true Americans step up to replace the corrupt Establishment with patriots who will fight for our freedoms.

The Establishment is holding on as tightly as they can to their power as they watch it slip from their grasp. Our country is in a nosedive. Americans are struggling to fill their gas tanks, feed their babies, educate their children, hire employees, order supplies, protect our border from invasion, and a host of other tragedies that are 100% caused by Democrats who obtained power through a rigged election, and the people of our country are both angry and sad.

Americans have very real pressing concerns about the basic necessities of life. What is Congress doing about it? They’re doing everything they can to ignore and distract from the very real pain that they have caused this country. They want to talk about anything but the 2020 Election results and the fact that they are the cause of our country’s problems.

Nobody brings this up, but as President, I suffered years of vicious lies, scandals, and innuendo concerning a fake and contrived narrative of Russia, Russia, Russia. The entire Russia Hoax was a concoction made up by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. It was used as an excuse for her loss, but endured throughout my entire Administration. It was a fake and fraudulent narrative, and now they’re trying to do it again.

Many other forms of cheating surfaced during 2020. Republican challengers were excluded from the process, bullied, and berated. Corrupt officials moved to centralize the vote count away from precincts, making it easier to cheat. Some areas are reported to have had more votes than voters! That raises some questions. These are only a few of the many forms of cheating that took place in, what I call, the Crime of the Century, and its cover up by the American media.

This is merely an attempt to stop a man that is leading in every poll, against both Republicans and Democrats by wide margins, from running again for the Presidency. The reason I am leading in the polls is because Democrats have caused record inflation, sky high gas prices, energy dependence on our adversaries, the education system is in crisis, illegal aliens are invading our border, the supply chain has crippled our way of life, parents can’t get baby formula, mandates have crippled businesses, and our way of life has been crushed by government regulations. The United States is being destroyed.

The Democrats know that I would correct all of this, and they are doing everything in their power to stop me – but we can’t be stopped. We have to Save America.

PAGE 12 thanks you for being a great American and U.S.A.-loving Patriot!

Keep your heart pure and true, and the rest will come naturally.

...And can I just say that I totally hate the term 'Latinx'? It sounds like some kind of cross between 'Latrine' and 'Lynx' ..I mean, does the oligarchal elitist liberal media think we're like Latrine Lynxs? So, are they gonna make the term 'Hispanics' into 'Hispanx', like 'His Spanx'? ..dude all this shit just ain't in the Bible!

Young women abused and humiliated at Los Angeles school
From The Gateway Pundit, young female students ostracized, humiliated, and abused by Los Angeles Charter School

- First Shots

Original article by Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit: "New West Charter School LA Caught Abusing Young Unvaccinated Girls – Denied Chairs, Forced to Sit Outside on Pavement, Not Allowed to Use Restrooms"

"Here we have Democrats practicing the same stupidity as they did at Fort Sumter April 12th, 1861. That is, firing the first shots in a war that will reduce them to rubble."

I urge you to go to The Gateway Pundit and read the original article. When I read it, it just made me froth at the mouth and turn my face a deeper shade of intense red. I'm really too rabid to sit here and type a well-composed commentary, I'm suffering something that friends say looks like seizures. Sorry.

What's going on here is this: In typical Democrat fashion through the ages, they are banded together in this self-rightious ball of shit, and goose-stepping their way into our country's peace and well-being. Trying to impose what they think is right by violent force. This is the Democrats too blind to see:

They are the fascists

They are instigating deeper conflict

They are trying to force a nation to adopt their garbage policies that treat a large segment of the population as subjects to be stepped on and denied rights.

How can they not see their own parallel between how they treated Blacks in the 1860's, and how they are treating the unvaccinated.

● How did they not see how they were trying to reduce blacks to having no enjoyments of Southern Whites, trying to legislate it into law, trying to instill it as social norm, and then starting an epic war when they just couldn't fathom they were wrong?

● How do they not see how they are trying to reduce the unvaccinated to having no enjoyments of regular citizens, trying to legislate it into law, trying to instill it as social norm, and then starting an epic war when they just can't fathom they are wrong?


How do they not see this is no longer a health care concern.

This is an Iron Heel concern.

Krystallnacht - Restaurants and business closed that don't bow to their laws.

Concentration camps - Look at Australia.

"Let me see your papers, schnell!" - You must present your vaccination papers for passage.

And main stream media Calls Mr. Trump a Nazi? Don't make me laugh. Seriously, I mean, so seriously. Do you think this Hispanic voter is stupid or what? Democrats are like something from the movie "It's Springtime for Hitler" where you're trying in earnest to present yourselves as legitimate, but the audience sees it for what it really is: a trainwreck of a comedy, whether intentionally or unintentionally.


These Democrats are going to be just as bewildered as those prosecuted at the Nuremburg Trails. So once full of bravado and self-rightiousness. So full of themselves believing what they were doing was for the benefit of all mankind. So far away from ever seeing they were in complete error. School administrators, like their death camp predecessors, that mocked and publically humiliated those that The Party saw as unclean, deplorable, not worthy to be in their grande company,

-will have faces frozen in disbelief as their whole world comes crashing down.

I hope these school officials rot in Hell.

Thank You.

An Australian woman arrested for not turning over cell phone
An Australian woman peacefully following the law was arrested for refusing to hand over her own cell phone to the Australian police.

- Dead Wrong

'What's going on in Australia is tyrannical government creep by any standards.

"This is how totalitarianism starts folks. This is the truth."

A woman in Australia was in a cafe after doing some shopping. She was sitting peacefully in the cafe. When the police showed up and asked all who could not, or would not, show vaccination papers to leave. She left. But, The five Australian police then focused on the woman once she was outside the cafe. They asked for proof of vaccination. She refused: on the very understandable and logical grounds that her medical records are private. They are. The Australian police then asked for her private cell phone. She refused to hand it over, which is her right: why should a law abiding citizen hand over their personal property when there is nothing to warrant it?

So then, the Australian Police escalated the matter, and threatened her with arrest. And, they arrested her. The image is her being forced into a small metal cage.

Now, this is a woman, who was in a cafe, who left when asked, who didn't have to hand over her phone, locked in a small metal cage.

What's wrong with this picture?


Anyone who does not see this for what it is, is: drunk, on drugs, comatose, is missing the brain-part of their human body, is from another tyrannical leader-lead country and has to agree or get killed, is dead, or is Dead Wrong.

This is where government mandates forced upon a populace lead to.

This is where poorly presented statistics to scare the population lead to.

This is where hype from the slanted media leads to.

This is where having a president with low-cognitive ability leads to.

This is where having out of touch unchecked progressive left-wing caucuses in the House of Representatives leads to.

This is where people acting out of fear leads to.

This is where people pushing aside our Constitution because of what they 'feel' leads to.

This is where not paying attention to actual lethality, or the lack thereof, and true medical statistics of a given viral strain leads to.

This is where labelling someone 'anti-this', because they just believe in common sense freedom concerning 'this', leads to.

This is where the press propping up as innocent, a doctor who was admittedly complicit in funding gain-of-function of this viral type leads to.

People who sit in front of their televisions or mindlessly scroll therough the newsfeeds that come pre-loaded on their phone's operating systems and continue to get brainwashed by the mass-media machine will sit there and mutter 'Serves her right to be arrested!' as they watch this unfold.

The rest of us, who know right from wrong, freedom from tyranny, choice from force, true threat from hype, reason from insanity, and have an ability to understand the truth of history's lessons...

...will never give up fighting this madness.

Biden and his pathetic herd of weasels, that call themselves, get this, 'Democrats' want mandates.

Mandates are measures that are enforced by State forces.

How does that go across? Just look at the thousands of rioters in the streets of Europe that the main stream media doesn't want you to pay attention to, is never in the press, or not near as much as something of this magnitude should be.

Biden doesn't represent democracy. Far from it. Whoever makes Biden's decisions doesn't want democracy, they want absolute control. Forever

Make no mistake.

Biden and his band of weasels are not your friends.

His approval keeps sinking. Which, hopefully, means that the number of people who see the light are growing.

Maybe in time to save those Australians. Maybe when they see us in 2022 outright shit on his policies, they will understand: He was leading the free world in the wrong direction.


I hope these five Australian police officers rot in Hell.

Thank You.

Mr. Turtle
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Mr. Turtle.

- Mr. Turtle

'Any time now Joe...

"Here's Joe Biden trying to get to his presser ontime."

Joe Biden stumbling up steps of Air Force One
Joe Biden doing what he does best: falling.

- Death Spiral

'Joe Biden has turned his back on his country's well-being.

"Biden is a disaster."

He has left the southern borders to be no longer in our control.

His errant policies have triggered climbing food prices.

His gasoline policies have resulted in skyrocketing prices, gouging our food budgets.

He and his party have paralyzed our western ports due to the crippling of truckers.

He has not even addressed the U.S. lacking a hypersonic missile while China tests theirs.

His policies and the overall actions of his party have emaciated and stressed our police forces.

He has plans to give almost half a million dollars to each illegal immigrant family.

His vaccine mandates are further increasing unemployment.

He once called essential workers heroes, but now he is taking their essential jobs away through mandates.

He has no sense of transparency to the public or press.

He removed the completely effective "Remain in Mexico" policies, only to be wishy-washy on them.

His son is a drug addict.

His dog bit several White House staffers.

His wife is not the medical doctor she wants us to believe she is.

He is a horrible Catholic to support abortion in any way whatsoever.

He thinks he can make 3.5 trillion dollars fall out of the sky, -as if the wealthy don't have tax shelters.

He rambles in completely nonsensical sentences frequently.

His guests are more friendly to our own press than he is.

He doesn't even have the sense of mind to handle his own press conferences.

He botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, leaving Americans to suffer there.

He single handedly armed a violent extremist group with state of the art weapons, ammo, vehicles, and aircraft.

He basically left all the prominent sports, law, and educated women in Afghanistan for dead.

His staff Doctor Fauci actually was partly behind the Corona Virus Covid-19 creation.

His staff Doctor Fauci put parasites in caged, helpless beagles than slowly and painfully ate them alive.

He chose a vice president that has no concept of how to run a country or even address concerns timely.

He chose a vice president that openly admitted to never reinforcing border policy in her Senate run.

He chose a vice president that cackles upon being informed of serious matters.

He chose a vice president that was Willie Brown's secret vice.

He once couldn't even climb up steps to his plane correctly.

*In less than a year.*

This man has no ability to do his job.

This man has abjectly failed before even his first full year.

This man has no plan B, there is no rescue party till 2022 midterms.

This man pooped his pants, and has pooped on his country.

This man is doing serious harm to a country we all depend on to exist.

This man doesn't even address reality when speaking to the public.

This man relies on a Pravda emulating pathalogical liar as Spokesperson

This man is weak in the face of China.

This man is weak in the face of everybody.

This man touches little girls in the creepiest way.

This man as VP wasn't even esteemed by his own president.

Joe. Biden. And. His. Handlers. Are. Walking. Fatal. Toxic. Poisons. To. This. Country. Period.

Next. Sentence.

Take. Out. The. Trash.

Never quit
Never quit

- Never Quit

'Be mentally tough and never give up' p. 76, "TRUMP" By Donald Trump and Bill Zanker, 2007.

"Honey Badger don't care the mask"

Twice as angry...

Roy Moore
Judge Roy Moore

- Roy Moore

This Truth of Trump site staunchly supports pro-life Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate Election.

…Made by a Democrat Party activist, unproven, conjured by the Bezos-owned Washington Post, and given fake-credibility by the Establishment swamp Trump-haters, nudged by Fox News...

It’s pretty open that there is an America First force versus a globalist Establishment force within the Republican Party. It’s no secret we have waged war with the Establishment, RINOs, Globalist, and the never-Trumpers. Let’s not be so naïve to think they will not fight back. Let’s not be so naïve to expect they will launch ineffective, weak attacks. No. They have lots of money and plenty of resources, they will attack very well. We are seeing unfold now.

With America First supporters vs. Establishment/globalists there is a vast landscape. It spreads from coast to coast, and touches down even in Europe and Asia. What is going on in Alabama is a sub-part, a field of battle. And, as with all smaller battles, it will make a determination in the bigger war. It is no less important than any other battle; in California, Michigan, or Arizona.

The desperation and resourcefulness of battle is a concept most watching television in their easy chairs are out of touch with and what it calls for. When in battle, it would be nice to have unlimited ammunition, a non-jamming weapon, and a rule book that everyone follows, ie: let’s stop fighting for a minute because my weapon isn’t working up to my standards. I need to leave this close-combat, go back to my base and get a shiny new one. Whereas the enemy replies, Sure, go ahead, we’ll wait here.

No. You fight with what you have.

Bad weapon or not, you keep fighting. It has now become a club, or you pick up the enemy’s weapon, what is important in the overall war is that you prevail. Sometimes things break, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. You still fight. You fight to preserve yourself, and those around you. Not everyone in your platoon may be a model citizen, but if they haven’t been substantially proven to be unfit, they are your unit.

These accusations against Judge Roy Moore are from forty years ago. They never surfaced while he was a judge, an extremely vulnerable position in the first place. They come along, made by a Democrat activist, unproven, stoked by the Bezos-owned Washington Post, and given fake-credibility by the Establishment swamp Trump-haters, nudged by Fox News, previously resigned to stop its sly Trump attacks, now taking this swamp-cause up best they can while still keeping cover. Fox News: the eternal frenemy.

It is a formidable close-range blast, but that is a battle-tested enemy out there. I’d expect as much. But, sorry, not good enough. Our resolve is unscathed. Our armor is faith, reason, and love of country.

The press has no place drawing and quartering a citizen in public. Let these accusations be proven in their own arena. I seriously doubt they ever will, nor will the other accusations heaped on additionally as the initial attack lost impact.

Roy Moore for U.S. Senate
Judge Roy Moore Senate Campaign website

The Establishment Trump-haters can supply an endless train of accusations with their baiting robo-calls and financial incentives in poverty-stricken Alabama. It is sick. And, even about the allegations, if he ever did make a move towards a person, that was actually above the age of Alabama consent, forty some years ago, I think trying to destroy all a man has worked for and the future of this country is a far worse action that anything he is being smeared with. Think about it. I don’t condone anything, but these are weak hearsay accusations made well outside the statute of limitations by his worst enemies. There is nothing to condone, there is nothing to overlook. He’s with his faith, and that’s what makes him the fighter he is now. Further, how can people actually ask this man to step aside in light of all that has happened just in the past year? National security emails left vulnerable on a private server, -she did not drop out. Questions to debates leaked, -she did not drop out. Emails were found clearly displaying collusion between the press, Clinton’s campaign, and the DNC, -she did not drop out. These were real and tangible items that directly impacted the present situation.

Judge Roy Moore faces a test in this. It is up to him to show us he has resolve, grace under pressure, and the heart of a champion.

Judge Roy Moore is now getting a taste of the full hit that then-candidate Donald J. Trump prevailed against in winning the Presidential Election of 2016, and still unfairly gets every day. Judge Roy Moore faces a test in this. It is up to him to show us he has resolve, grace under pressure, and the heart of a champion. This is Tom Brady in the Super Bowl’s third quarter, the Cubs in game seven all over again. It is about staying cool in the pocket, letting the play develop, and winning in the face of the media’s negative pass-rush. I think he can do it, and if he thinks he can, he will.

He needs to keep fighting. We need to keep fighting.

Thank You.

Roy Moore
Judge Roy Moore wikipedia commons

Trevor Loudon
Trevor Loudon, speaker & author of The Enemies Within, who spoke at the RPSDC June 12th

Matthew Vadum
Matthew Vadum, speaker & author of Team Jihad, seated on left

- Vigilance

There is a lot of movement going on these days politically. Californians, in particular, need to be vigilant with a sharper awareness. California has become the launching ground for serious, anti-American dark forces.

In this chapter, I bring you two remarkable authors and speakers that should really be given much credit for the vast research they have done, and the concise, logical method they present it with. I introduce Trevor Loudon who has researched the movements and tactics of the Left and their meshing with Marxism/ Communism. And, I introduce Matthew Vadum, who has pieced together a full, sweeping, and factually clear view of how the Left has formed an alliance with Islam to force their agenda on an American public.

Both of these men have the credentials and solid backgrounds to be taken very seriously, and to wisely lend some attention. As is predictable, both men have been attempted smear targets of left-winger David Brock's Media Matters 'hit team'. So, that kind of tells me that both Loudon and Vadum say true, honest things that the Left wants to silence, and they do.

Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon
Trevor Loudon

I had the very good fortune of my local Republican Party of San Diego County (RPSDC) hosting a talk by Trevor Loudon. Here, I present to you his talk, his book, and his website. His talk, the very same 26 minute talk I heard is archived here on the RPSDC Facebook page. Anyone is welcomed to view this, and it will be 26 worthwhile minutes of your life. You will then know just how endangered California politics are with Marxist ideologies and dark forces that have worked their way into congressional districts and unions. I urge you to visit his website, hopefully purchase his book, and support Mr. Loudon, he has brought some very important facts to the American public. His speech was on June 12th, 2017. He is introduced at exactly the one hour mark (1:00:00) of the meeting's broadcast.

Here is his speech. On the RPSDC videos Facebook page, June 12, and go one hour exactly into the webcast. Absolutely excellent.

Trevor Loudon
Trevor Loudon at the Republican Party of San Diego County June 12th

Marxism and Communist dark forces are alive and well, in California even more so. They have deep roots in agitating and causing social unrest here on the West Coast. Anybody watching the recent Ken Burns "Vietnam" ten-part series could see the ubiquitous Marxist fist symbol present at nearly all anti-war rallies back in the 1960s and early 1970s. It was no surprise, in that America was fighting a Marxist / Communist North Vietnam backed by China and the then-Soviet Union. It is also no surprise to see them violently opposing any expression of supporting our President Trump, a leader that champions unity, free speech, and a stronger American economy, -everything a Marxist hates.

In order for Marxism to be effective, groups must need to be convinced they are victims, groups need to be convinced their unhappiness is due to someone else, and those people must be attacked. This is today's Antifa. After hearing Trevor Loudon's 26 minute speech or reading his invaluable book The Enemy Within It will make perfect sense what motivates Antifa, the infiltrating unions, and the very much active Communist Party in America.

His site is at

Here is his book, The Enemies Within:

Trevor Loudon
The Enemies Within

Matthew Vadum

Trevor Loudon
Matthew Vadum, Senior Vice President of the Capital Research Center for the Center of Security Policy

Matthew Vadum has published a short book, Team Jihad: How Sharia-Supremacists Collaborate with Leftists to Destroy America. He is a well-respected author and analyst of security, speaking at CPAC and across the United States.

Things happen. We read in the news how CAIR has an education-lobbying group, how our educational institutions are pushing Islam-centered agendas in the United States, how we are having the Left force, not just a religion upon us, but a whole religious-political-legal belief system on our communities.

This paper puts it all together. Well researched, straightforward, methodical, and logically presented to us, it encompasses the big picture. The Left has made an alliance with Islam for a foothold of control of the United States, and elsewhere. The left, with its championing of feminism and LGBT rights, has formed a partnership of convenience with probably the most toxic force to these communities one can ever imagine. This paper outlines the history, the direction of this alliance, and how we need to be ever-vigilant in protecting our democracy.

This paper is available as a free pdf to download, or as a purchase supporting the Center for Security Policy site at .

Center for Security Policy publication

Here is a direct link to the available pdf page and the press conference video.

Team Jihad book cover
Team Jihad & How Sharia-Supremacists Collaborate with Leftists to Destroy America

Flag with Las Vegas tragic incident mourning

- Las Vegas

No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
- John 15:13

Truth of Trump mourns for those that died on October 1st, 2017.

We ask God to console their families and loved ones with His blessing.

We pray for the wounded to recover and live their lives as they should.

We commend the brave police force that suffered two wounded in stopping this tragedy.

We pray God gives America the wisdom and unity to lead this country out of harm’s way,
    - and to defeat evil whenever, and wherever we must encounter it.

God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above

One Happy Family by Loor101

- Taking back Sunday

Not standing during the National Anthem, the National Football League forgets Team America.

First let’s remember how this started. Colin Kaepernick, then of the San Francisco 49ers National Football League team, sat on the bench during the National Anthem. This was shortly after he was introduced to Islam by his Islamic girlfriend who hosts a radio show. He told no one beforehand, and offered no explanation immediately following it. He just felt no need to respect our Anthem, flag, and country.

Later, when he was to play in San Diego against the Chargers on Military Night, he then offered that it was about the injustices to Blacks in America. Okay, but this explanation was provided later, and was nowhere to be seen when the game a week earlier ended.

Then other NFL players did it, mostly all Black. Now, it is a calling card of sorts for Blacks in the NFL.

President Trump has rightfully criticized this disrespect of our country. In turn, he has been called divisive. But who is dividing here, a President that wants to see a team act in unified respect? Or, a team where half stand and half don’t stand? See, the NFL players have launched on a trajectory in which they can’t substantiate their actions, and will fall short trying to explain them. A millionaire NFL player and the common American have very little in common. The one thing we can all unite behind is our flag and anthem, and that is the one thing they are tearing apart.

The NFL players are forgetting Team America, the most important team of them all. They are forgetting sportsmanship, where you don’t hold grudges. They are forgetting responsibility to law and order, where these officers involved in these shootings focused on, have been acquitted by examination of evidence.

These NFL players seem so intent on getting attention to their cause. Let’s see one of them come out of the locker room with an oddly colored lone uniform, or not cooperate during their part in a play diagram. Won’t happen. They don’t want any serious repercussions; they don’t want to lose part of their millions in earnings. Like Antifa or the rioting looters, they just want to assault and run, facing no penalty.

What about awareness to the staggering Chicago gangland violence that makes officer-related shootings seem miniscule? The NFL is directing its anger at the President, why? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If anything, Blacks in America really need to think about how they voice their anger. Looting just doesn’t seem to do the trick, nor brazenly stealing from a hardworking Asian’s convenience store. If Black America wants respect, they gotta play by the rules. Good players get respect. Good players put the team ahead of themselves. Good players keep the game on the field.

The NFL needs to look at reality of the situation: they are fighting a losing battle, and they are fighting it poorly. NFL viewership and fan following will decline further, until it is just a shadow of its former bloated self. The NFL used to be able to bank on kids growing up idolizing players and performance, today, these kids are too much into idolizing their own online line first-person-shooter gaming performance. There is no interactivity for a youth with an already shortened attention span watching a two and a half hour drawn out football game on a television, which is already an obsolete form of entertainment. I suppose maybe it’s the cable television subscription commercials that put the icing on the obsolete cake. People like doing, people like having interactivity, people like playing a game themselves. It’s just a lot more fun. Modern technology now allows for us to be more interactive, and we like it.

The NFL has to remember that for most of this nation, it’s now little more than a television show, a television show that has dominated Sundays and pushed family time, Church, and outdoors time to the margins. The NFL lines up games all day long, one after another, giving young and old men (and women) an excuse to sit in a chair, drink alcohol, and get fat. Pelted with food and new car commercials, it caters to the worst of American indulgence and debt.

And as for owners that want our sympathies, fat chance. Look what the owners did to the communities of San Diego, St. Louis, and now Oakland. They dragged their teams out of dedicated fan-bases simply because the stadium's box seats weren’t up to their expectations. The Raiders are getting ready to leave the impoverished Black community of Oakland that loyally supported the team through wins and losses, and horrid losses, for the riches of Las Vegas, how’s that for humanitarian instincts? Better yet, please explain the humanitarian instincts of the Patriot's Gillette Stadium charging fans $4.50 for tap water in a small disposeable cup when the concession bottled water ran out. Tap water. This is tap water. ...And they want my sympathy?

I was once a huge fan of football, played Pop Warner and high school, all that, but not anymore as of about two years ago. I don’t feel any sympathy whatsoever for these obscenely over-paid players, or the greed-eyed owners that pay them. College football? Sure, I’ll still follow my alma mater, but not pro, sorry, better things to do on Sundays. I’m not going to subject myself to some artificial feeling of having “won” or “lost” due to the performance of some multimillion dollar corporation that calls itself a “team” hundreds or thousands of miles away that doesn’t know I exist.

I say we take back Sundays. I say we get outside, walk with our kids and spouses, walk animals, bird watch, swim, run, clean, socialize, go to Church, visit mom and dad, call old friends, live, and breathe. Let’s get away from being slaves to yet another screen.

It’s our Sunday.

Hollywood sign reads Hollyblood

- Hollywood's Currency of Hate

A currency of hate: Hollywood’s ugly trade-off for approval

- Robert De Niro insults the president, a few weeks later his movie debuts.
- Stephen King insults the President, a few weeks later his movie “It” debuts.
- Jennifer Lawrence insults the President with ugly lies, a few weeks later her movie “Mother!” debuts.
- Michael Shannon insults Trumps voters wanting them dead, “Superman” debuts
- Scarlett Johansson insults Mr. Trump’s wife in a very ugly manner, her movie “Ghost in the Machine” debuts.
- The Emmy Awards (aka: the MSM Awards) fire non-stop insults at our President.

- The 2017 Miss America contestants, all hungry for a Hollywood contract, are asked questions heavy with anti-President innuendo. On que, most all give homage to the Hollywood elitists, sneering at President Trump on national television.

And it goes further. The music performers Green Day, U2, Madonna, Cher, and Ashley Judd publicly insult our President, and in exchange get massive airplay over corporate giant Kroger’s in-store music system, reaching millions of shoppers across the United States. And trust me, they weren’t played near as much before they did that.

It seems Hollywood gives its backing and approval into their fold with a currency of hate and ugliness. Vicious attacks with no truth, no basis, full of vile, amplified by the Mainstream Media and News are what Hollywood expects its children to deliver in exchange for support of their craft. Hollywood’s money-driven, gated-community, armed-guarded elitists want blood from their public façade figures, and the blood-thirsty Mainstream Media is only too happy to grab it and run, parading it around like a trophy.

Is that what our country’s entertainment center has turned into, a vile, vicious, propaganda machine that wants more power than our fairly elected well-loved President Donald J. Trump? It would appear so.

Hollywood, with its George Michael’s caught sexually servicing men in Hollywood public park restrooms, with its heroin-junkie Carrie Fisher finally dying of bad health at a young age, with its Heath Ledger dying due to ingesting five drugs at a time, with all of its drug addicts, alcoholics, degeneracy, ill health, and seclusion from the real world, -wants to tell us what’s best for us.

Like they know...

You know, what are Hollywood types anyway? Okay, they are the kids we called Thespians in high school. These are the kids that basically all ate lunch together sequestered away over near the theatre building. Most were gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and looked like they never saw a day’s sunlight. These were kids that spent their whole educational years focused not on science, not on politics, not on social science, -but on imitating their favorite characters in movie parts as they waved their lunchtime sandwiches while immersed in the character. These were not people I would trust commandeering my vote. How do they magically become smarter about all these things while attending wrap parties, getting makeup applied, or trying to get parts at cattle calls in the lower level theatres? Truth is, they don’t know what they are talking about. They just haven’t earned that knowledge. And, it’s an insult to me, someone who has.

Hollywood, do what you do best, get on the stage and read your little script-thing. Mainstream Media, do what you should be doing best, report facts. Remember, you are coming through to me on an electronic device, that,
-has a switch,
-and a plug.

Marine LePen for France

- Marine LePen for France 2017

France is at a critical time, like many of its critical times. These French, always pulling out heroic victories throughout history. The world talks of the French not being fighters, but the truth is, they are masters at knowing exactly when to get started.

Link to Marine LePen at Koblenz Speech Video (click to view)

Le Pen does not get washed away in trendy definitions, blurring meanings of what borders are, what a nation is, what a president is supposed to be. She knows all too well the European Union has drifted steadily into a mess with no goal, except to make the globalists and large corporations richer.

Link to Marine LePen being honest about Angela Merkel's policies (click to view)

The French need to put aside the trivial matters, the press, Google, the EU, and feel in their hearts what is needed, what is the true choice to keep France safe, free, and proud. No talking-head politicians, no lies, just the clear direct choice: Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen loves France

Marine Le Pen is as common sense as leaders get, they need to get those ballots in now, quick. This is the type of leader the Germans only wish they had. The other contenders only are look-alikes, facsimilies of her energy, her truth, and her bravery to put common sense forward and to step up for the French people, young, old, working-class, and rural.

"Patriotism isn't a policy of the past; it is a policy of the future." - Marine Le Pen (2017), at Koblenz, "Long live a Europe of Nations"

These other candidates just seem to say, "Me too." when in her presence, or trying to steal her energy and common sense ideas. Why did they not say so before? Why has Marine Le Pen been the voice of reason for so long, and for so long ignored. Macron is just an engineered product of the rich and powerful ("A former Rothschild banker who's never been elected to anything". Who married his 25 years senior school teacher...??), Fillon, another talking head with no new ideas.

Take a good look, without the interference from the EU, without the incessant data-slanting from Google (note: please use, without Facebook trying to equate saving one’s own nation with some sort of ’hate speech’ -It’s not. Take a good look you citizens of France that share the wants of what every human wants; peace, sovereignty, a job, a happy day without looming threats from some outside non-elected foreboding ruling body that is telling you what’s best for your way of life.

Macron is under the tutelage of Hollande; a failed leader with policies that were so misguided, he didn’t even bother to run again. What he did was some re-tooling in the form of Macron, and is trying to feed you the same bowl of lumpy, cold, EU-abiding, gruel-mush.

Macron is taking advice from Barack Obama; a leader joined at the hip with the EU-Merkel machine also with policies so failing, his successor to keep those policies, Hillary Clinton, lost after being exposed what a morally bankrupt global-greed monger she was, and how Obama's policies throttled the middle class and destroyed families.

Macron is a scary bet in anyone’s book. This is a man who is already threatening Poland to suffer sanctions if they don’t succumb to taking in more Islamists. He’s running for the French presidency, but telling Poland what to do. See it before your eyes my most dear French citizens.

Macron is a slick political PR coup; engineeered by Hollande, powered by the Rothschilds, and polished by Paris celebrity PR consultant Michele "MiMi" Marchand. The closer you look at him, the more you realize this. He has no real history. He was manufactured in a political thinktank, propped up as a fake populist, with an additional token candidate running 6% in Hollande's socialist party to break the connection.

*** Be prepared, this man is backed by big money: Just past the last debate, mere days before the vote, there will be fake polls thrust into the face of voters sayng, 'Macron pulls ahead', 'Macron support jumps', etc. -It will be fake. Just as they did with Trump and Brexit. You cannot let it distract you from casting your one, single voice of power. Ignore the fake polls. They are taken from slanted sampling groups.

Macron is a man who actually said, clearly, early in his campaign, "There is no such thing as French Culture." - - I'm sorry, but the French have one of the most unique and highly regarded cultures in the world, in the history of the world.

Once Britain leaves the EU, Merkel and her crew will make it too difficult for France to leave, and will further tighten their tentacles around France. This will happen.

Front National

Marine Le Pen knows fully well the ghosts of her party's past. She has reconciled with it, and by force of will, threw out the old, and embraced the successful new. She is not out to shape France in the form of some old version of the FN, she is using the FN as the only and best chance she has to keep France, France. FN is now like a gutted racer that has only one mission; to love France, and to win for France. As we say in America: GET OUT AND PUSH! The past rivals of Front National should return her reckoning and olive branch, and realize, as it stands now, a much more unforgiving adversary awaits.

Unity is now strength, resolve is now the strength needed.

Marine Le Pen for France in 2017.

Front National


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